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  Shandong Peak-tech New Material Co., Ltd. is founded in 2009, and focus on high-end colloidal silica and nano-silica dispersion. 
  We supply more than 30 products such as large particle colloidal silica, small particle colloidal silica, acidic colloidal silica, neutral colloidal silica, cationic colloidal silica, high-purity colloidal silica, non-spherical particle colloidal silica, surface modified colloidal silica and nano-silica polishing slurry. Our products are widely used in the fields of electrics, polishing, catalysts, paper, refractory, precision casting, coating and so on. The annual production capacity can be 20,000 t.
  We can control the particle size accurately (small particle: ±1nm; large particle: ±5nm) in the range of 3-160 nm. The particle size, particle morphology, concentration, pH, ion types and surface modification can be customized. We have a research center and is constantly committed to new product development. We have been certified by ISO9001 et al, and ensure product quality by advanced technology and management. 
  ‘According to customer's needs, offer high quality products’ is our business philosophy. ‘Guarantee quality and quantity and supply on time’ is our service target. We are sincerely expecting the cooperation and win-win business with you.

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